Ultra Marin

Raid Golfe du Morbihan

It was a huge pleasure to be the official photographer of the Ultra Marin 2021 event in the Morbihan region. With six different races, over four days and two nights, I can describe them in three words: intensity, emotion, achievement. To have the best pictures representing this state of mind and showing the beauty of the Golfe du Morbihan, I had to prepare, locate and redouble my creativity. Between land and ocean, rain, clouds and sun, I had all the natural elements at my disposal to capture unique pictures of the runners but also of the landscapes of Brittany. Seeking all possible angles, whether by boat, by helicopter or by foot, in order to have a range of images showing the pleasure, the joy, the pride to accomplish, to do and to redo these trails around the Golfe du Morbihan. A small selection of images from these three days taken for the Ultra Marin Golfe du Morbihan.

Copyright : Xavier Waerzeggers / L'Ultra Marin Raid Golfe Du Morbihan
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