The Pyrenees in 4WD ? An exceptional crossing from East to West, from the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean! The purpose of this adventure was to discover this mythical mountains range by crossing the most beautiful off road tracks and by ranging plains, mountains, desert, ... Departing from France, in Collioure, we spent the first two days on dry tracks with the 4WD full of dust. After that we reached the mountains with rocky tracks and breathtaking views. We discovered the famous peaks, such as Pedraforca and Monte Perdido. Animals like horses, donkeys and cows surrounded us when we woke up. The final arrival was majestic with a last winding track near San Sebastian which led us to the Atlantic Ocean. In a few figures, crossing the Pyrenees is an alternation between two countries, France and Spain, 14 days of travel and 2,500 km covered with 70% of off road tracks.
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