In immersion for several months in New Zealand I had the opportunity to spend a month in a dairy farm to discover their way of living and working. Being the most exporter country of dairy products and also called the white gold’s country, I found it interesting to experience their culture. For me it was a new adventure, different from the others but so rewarding. Days are punctuated. Milking cows starts at 4 am for 3 hours. The rest of the day is devoted to other works and activities. Every day the grass growth is carefully studied according to the weather to put the cows in when the milk production is at its maximum. An application where each cow is listed helps them to know if the milk’s quantity produced is fulfilling. It’s a real strategic tool which helps them to know which cow must leave the milking circuit to let the space to the youngest. They taught me that it's more than a job, it's their way of life.
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