Starting from France with my backpack and my camera, I had several goals in mind for this month-long trip to Nepal. It’s a country known for its treks in the middle of the Himalayan chain. One of my goals was necessarily to realize one of them to get closer to all these snowy peaks and feel the mountain’ power. It’s an environment, an atmosphere, a feeling that you don’t find anywhere else. However it was not my main goal. I wanted to go further and find out what is hidden around these mountains, who are its inhabitants, how do they live? To do this, I went to the west of the country, starting with the Bheri area and then the Karnali area. I have no words to describe the welcome, the kindness and smiles of the Nepalese. They made me discover their way of life, through the agriculture, the way of cooking and means of transport. But also their very close bond with the jungle and all the wild animals, a strange neighbor which is treated with respect. This first adventure in Nepal was enriching by its landscapes but especially by its inhabitants and their smiles.
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